William's Story

It was New Year’s Eve day 2010 when William Golding met his match at the 12th hole. “I so badly wanted to play that day, but my hip was in excruciating pain. I knew when I swung at the 12th hole that something was seriously wrong, and that there would be no more golf until I got some medical help. My hip was killing me. I had fallen on the ice earlier in the winter and thought it was just sore from that, but on this particular day, I knew it was something more.”

William contacted Dr. Peter Ramsey, CMC Joint Replacement Orthopedic Surgeon, who was able to quickly discover that his problem was actually not an injury, but rather an advanced case of osteoarthritis. Dr. Ramsey carefully explained conservative options for treating arthritis, but William had already tried almost everything. They both realized that the only solution was to undergo hip replacement surgery. “If I was going to have any quality of life, I had to fix my hip, so I said, “let’s do it.” William said, "Dr. Ramsey explained that using what’s called the anterior approach and with what would be involved and that the recovery period would be shorter than a traditional (posterior) hip replacement." A few weeks before the surgery, William met with many members of the hospital’s dedicated Joint Replacement Team and read through materials over and over. Despite this, William admitted, “When the surgery date arrived, I was petrified.”

Everything went smoothly, and within hours of the procedure he was walking up and down the hall under the careful eye of his specially trained physical therapists. “I cannot say enough about all the people at the hospital. They are world-class and truly gave me the support and care I needed. They reassured me, when all I could think about was ‘will this work?’ That afternoon, Dr. Ramsey came up and said everything went well.” The next day, William was walking laps around the nursing station, going up and down stairs, and only using a cane for balance. “I was allowed to lie on my side, bend over to tie my shoes and cross my legs (because of the new surgical technique). I had passed the tests and was headed home!”

The day after William’s discharge, Ann Vennell, Joint Replacement Program Coordinator, called to ensure he was doing well. Her call was then followed by well wishes from the whole team. “I was home about five days when I received a card from The Joint Replacement team. They wished me a speedy recovery, and that’s exactly what I had! And, only three weeks later, Dr. Ramsey said I was ready to play golf again. I know now that getting my hip replaced was the best and smartest thing I have ever done. Thanks to Dr. Ramsey and everyone at the hospital, I have a good quality of life again and can play golf pain-free!,” William exclaimed.