Tom's Story

Tom Roe's passion for coastal South Carolina is part of his heritage.  Whether running 65 miles offshore to his favorite fishing grounds, surf fishing or throwing a cast net in the salt marsh creeks for shrimp and bait fish, Tom loves being on the water.

However, Tom began to experience increasing joint pain in his shoulders and knees, making his favorite pastimes difficult to continue.  "Offshore or even in protected inland waters you are always in motion on the boat" he said,  "and all the saltwater activities began to create problems for my knees and shoulders."

Tom knew the day had come to get his knees and shoulders fixed just to manage normal day-to-day activities.  He also knew total joint replacement was his only hope for enjoying his favorite activities again.  "Dr. Peter Ramsey did surgery on my left knee first and then nine months later, Dr. Todd Tupis did surgery on my left shoulder.  That all went well, and now I am ready to get my knee and right shoulder replaced," Tom said.

"Bad shoulder joints seem to run in my family," Tom explained.  "And so I knew what to look for in a total joint replacement program.  Also, my neighbor recommended that I go to Conway Medical Center.  I couldn't have asked for better doctors and nurses." 

"At my age, it takes a little while to get my strength back after the surgeries," Tom noted.  "But, I know that I will be swimming and exercising, and doing things I enjoy on the water without pain.  I can't imagine living anywhere else, and I look forward to being out in the sale air and sunshine again soon.  The CMC Joint Replacement Center is by far the best organized and most patient sensitive medical center that I have ever experienced.  They have my complete confidence, and now I am looking forward to doing all the things I have missed so much.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the CMC Joint Replacement Center to anyone needing help with arthritic joint pain.  They are great medical professionals, and I feel like they have become part of my family."