Henry's Story

For Henry Dunne, walking a dog, holding a cup of coffee, and lifting his arms up were all situations that caused intense pain in his shoulders.  With each passing month, his mobility became more limited.  He finally reached a point where his quality of life was in jeopardy, and he feared becoming an invalid if he did not have his shoulders replaced.  "I didn't have a future as it was," Dunne explained.

The Joint Replacement team at Conway Medical Center had replaced Dunne's knee in 2010 with great success, and so he turned to them again in 2011 to seek help for his shoulders.  After extensive diagnostic imaging including x-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and a CT scan, Dunne was scheduled for right shoulder replacement surgery.  He completed preoperative preparation and education that were tailored to the total shoulder pathway, and had surgery in September 2011.  Mr. Dunne explained that this surgery and the subsequent recovery went so well that in the spring of 2012 he went ahead and had his left shoulder replaced.

Today, the former sports star says he is once again able to do things he could do when he was 30 years old.  He describes the difference in his life as day and night.  Before surgery, he often dropped things including his morning coffee.  "My shoulder would lock up and then suddenly release and I would drop things," he explained, but not anymore.

Today, Dunne is out walking his dog, pushing grocery carts, and moving around better than he has in years.  He is even planning on taking up his golf game again.  Above all else, he is pleased to be able to "run my life without any help."  Staying active and independent and pain-free has given Dunne a new lease on life.