Center for Breast Health Team

Our Team

Because breast health is a highly specialized field, every member of the Breast Health Center’s team is highly trained and our specialists include a reconstructive surgeon, medical oncologist, and pathologist as well as board certified radiologists, board certified surgeons who are members of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, nationally registered and state certified technologists, and experienced support staff. Our team has achieved certification from the Quality Management System – ISO9001:2008 – and adheres to the highest standards for its clinical practices and patient safety. In addition to clinical strengths, the team is well known for its customer service and attention to details. We focus on patient support and education. Our goal is to provide timely information and results to reduce the sleepless nights of anxious patients.

Breast Health Navigator

We understand the diagnostic process can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Working to ensure seamless care to our patients, our Breast Health Navigator assists patients as they make their journey through diagnosis by providing patient education, clinical expertise, communication and support. If a routine mammogram suggests additional imaging is necessary, the Breast Health Navigator will help the patient gain a better understanding about the imaging process and support the patient during this time. Because education remains so important in making decisions, the Breast Health Navigator serves as an important resource for each patient.

The Breast Health Navigator serves as a consistent contact person, advocate and guide for patients and their families. From biopsies to surgical intervention, medical oncology, radiation therapy and other services, Our Breast Health Navigator is there to provide clinical expertise and support. Our Breast Health Navigator also helps each patient make appointments, schedule procedures and connect to the full spectrum of care. Even after a woman has been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, the Breast Health Navigator is available to assist and support with future check-ups and imaging services. Through the years, patients are supported just as they were at the very beginning.

Breast Cancer Care

A team approach to breast cancer has become a standard throughout the United States as well as in our practice.  Our multidisciplinary team consists of a team of radiologist, breast surgeons, medical oncologist, radiation oncologists, pathologists, breast navigators, nurses and more. 

The CMC Center for Breast Health is a collaboration between breast care professionals from the following partners:


  • Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
  • Pathology