Hospital executive director is collecting donations from rooftop on last day of Conway Medical Center's Employee Campaign. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

A man wouldn't leave the rooftop of a local hospital on Monday.

Terry Egan, the executive director of the Conway Medical Center [Foundation], camped out on the rooftop trying to raise donations for the CMC Foundation. Monday is the last day of the CMC Employee Campaign. He asked nurses, doctors and cafeteria workers to give money.

Egan used a fishing pole to send down the pledge form to employees entering the building.  He said he'd stay on the roof until they reach the $100,000 goal, which they did at around 3 p.m. reaching $100,200.

"When they give money to the campaign, we use that to feed hungry kids on weekends through our Smart Snacks program through CMC's Health Reach. We also fund colonoscopies for people who can't afford them," said Egan.

Egain said the money also goes towards mammograms for women who can't afford them.

To donate - visit https://www.cmcfoundationsc.com/makeagift 

The CMC Foundation will kick off its Smart Snacks 'Capri Sun' Drive on Tuesday. You can drop the juice boxes off at Conway Medical Center.

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